6th - 9th July - Adventure Weekend in Wales anyone?

A bunch of us are planning to head to The Brecon Beacons in South Wales the weekend of 6-9 July to have a cheap but very cheerful weekend. The idea is to do some hiking, some wild swimming, cycling, BBQ'ing, drinking and generally having fun in the country. I am looking at different cost effective self catering accommodation options at the moment, bunkhouses and large farm cottages. So far 7 people are interested. If anyone else is up for this let me know asap so I can look to book up some accommodation.  



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I'll be up for that.

Cool - So far we have interest from the following.

Me, Lou, Huma, Helen, Donne, Sarah, Laura, Len. Who else would be interested?   

Wow, looks like its Len and all the ladies so far....

Yes come on lads we need some testosterone in the mix :) 

SO any more takers on this?? got to sort accommodation out. 

Hi Teresa


Yes - I'm up for that



Sounds great. I'm in.

Me too please, sounds like a lot of fun!

Cool looks like we have 11 interested. Gonna find a place to sleep 12-15. Have a couple in mind. Will look to book up next week. Watch this space for more news :) 

Hi Theresa

Jon Markham and I would very much like to join this please, if there is still space!




Morning all!! Ok looks like we have about 13 - We have had one drop out, The bunkhouse I wanted originally has been taken over by a National Trust Volunteer group, so looking into other options now. It may well be a large cottage or farmhouse. Leave it with me :) 

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