Anyone want a lift to Thorpe swimming lake this Saturday?

Since myself and Charles have scarily been put in the 'Elite' wave for a swim event, we decided we need more open water swimming before hand!


We will be off to Thorpe lake this Saturday and will willingly give up to 3 people a lift there and back.


We aim to get there at 7am - so will drive past the lido entrance at 06:30am to pick up any keen people.  There are showers and a cafe there for afterwards.  We will do 3-4km I imagine, but you can do what you like!!  Back with a few hours to spare before the PICNIC BRUNCH in the park....


We have swum in the neighbouring Heron lake quite a bit, but this year want to give the newly accredited Thorpe Lake a go.  £5 entry.  There are buoyed loops of 400m, 750m and 1500m.


Post below if you want a lift.

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I'm interested!
Cool! great idea!! I am in!

Hi Laura,

May I join?

But my wetsuit is busted. So no go :( Thanks for the offer!

OK Gus and Claudia - you are in!!! :-)


We wont be late though - be outside the lido carpark gate at 06:30am.  I will message you my phone number just in case.


Shannon - really sorry about the wetsuit situation.  I know someone poisted on teh forum last summer with a similar broken zip - maybe you can search the forum archives for what was said?


Hi Laura,

I am very sorry but I will not be able to make it tomorrow. I have a few things to do for work in the afternoon, so I will need to get my long run in the morning so I can make it to the picnic...

Sorry about that!


Thanks, Laura. Yeah, I'm rather irked. :P I had a look through the forum -- good idea -- and Tony suggested the same group.

So bummed. I would have loved to go along.

Hi Laura,

Will get all possible alarms around my bed. Let's hope we have a bit of better weather.

See you tomorrow and thanks for the lift!

Hi Shannon, You're more than welcome to borrow my wetsuit. I'll be home tonight if cramming for an exam if you want to drop in and pick it up.


Its a new 2XU T2 womens wetsuit. Can't remember if its a small or X-small, but I'm approx 175cm/58kg

My number is 0778 610 6420, just send me a text if you fancy dropping by.



Aw, thanks, Sarah! That's really sweet of you. I'm quite a bit heavier than you, but thank you so much for the offer! Good luck with your exam cram!

Shame! No problem, thanks

Hi Laura,

Developed a red flag in the shape of a sore throat, which for me is certain death - I mean, cold. I will avoid the cold dip tomorrow, but I thank you a lot for the offer (result probably of 2 days riding under rain and an office full of sickies). Hopefully I'll feel good enough to make it to brunch.

Shame! Diving with Elite athletes like you won't probably come soon again!

Have a good swim!

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