Capital Tri - The Fix Splash #1 - Sunday 21 May

Hello Windies,

If anyone is doing or would like to do the Splash races organised by Capital Tri at West Reservoir this Sunday I am driving from Herne Hill / Lordship Lane with space for another couple of people in the automobile.

750m / 1500m / 3000m options (750m loop)

As a slow and steady swimmer I have been 'rewarded' with an early wave so need to leave by about 6am. Water was 15 degrees last Sunday and felt OK with a wetsuit and double swim cap.

They have more of these races usually in July and Sept if you can't make this one.


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Hi Hayley - you have totally come to my rescue! I'm in the same 7:05 wave as you (so is Simon M who is super fast so it seems to be a mixup of times in each) so I'd love a lift please. Seems we need to get there at 6:30...ARGH!

What time and where would you like to pick up from? I will cycle over x

Haren is also doing this so could we also jump in with you? Easiest to meet H off the tube but I'm happy to meet wherever is easiest for you
I'm also swimming and start at 7.15. I'm also driving and happy to take people! Have you prebooked parking?

Laura - will DM

Tony/Haren/Raya - did you guys want to join up?

Parking - I normally park at West Res or if a bit late then there's plenty or residential streets opposite (not used the car park they suggested)

I had forgotten the Tube is also an option now its 24h;  Brixton - Finsbury Park then walk 10 mins to West Res...considering that now too.

Might be worth Teaming up - but there may be too many of us for one car. If you know where to park I am keen to go in Covoy though!

Also happy to Take the Tube together if you think its better.

From What I understand there is







Toby had drawn up a list of all participants in open water swimming a while ago but I can find it any more So not sure if thats worth looking at again to see if there is anyone else signed up...

In any chase up for the group travel!


Yeah maybe the tube is better? They are every 10 mins from Brixton and takes 20 mins to FP. I would aim for the 5:48 to give plenty of time to walk over and find the place, as I'm off at 7:05, so need to be there at 6:30. ARGHHHHHH!! why is it so insanely early!

Hi all, I'm in for this and I know Suze is doing it too. I cycled over last time and quite enjoyed the empty London streets so likely to go with that option again.
Also, is there somewhere nearby where we could have brunch? I guess we will be done too early for anything to be open though!!!
Looking at the start list for Windies Anna L is also on there and Margaret P. I can't see Suze.
H has a pretty nifty Blue Badge - we could park right at the entrance to the reservoir :-)
Rock on tony!

Again - I'm happy to go with the majority here.
Happy to drive in convoy with the right amount of vehicles or to take public transport.

I was planning to drive if another car is neeeded, or also fine with the tube from Brixton. My sister will also be with me. I have an ear infection, but hoping for a rapid recovery and being able to swim. Worst case I will coming to support.

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