The final count down is on for the most anticipated race of the season!

PLEASE read the race booklet here

1. Camping (arrive anytime on Saturday)

Camping is on site (no pre-booking needed) and costs £10 per person (which will be collected in the evening by the organisers so have cash ready).

2. BBQ (about 6pm)

We plan to have a BBQ once tents are up and if you are able to provide transportation for disposable BBQs please let me know!

Please bring your own food and drink, additional BBQs would be very appreciated.

3. Travel

If you are able to offer a lift and/or bike and/or luggage spot please post below.

All those wanting to join me via train (leaving Herne Hill at 3ish Saturday - exact timings TBC) to Battle and then a 30-minute cycle to Ashburnham Place should arrive before 5pm (Sunday return is slightly longer but will give essential resting.

5. Gazebos

If you are able to bring the Windrush Gazebos please let us know! As they will provide essential cover if it rains...

6. Post race celebrations

We will be celebrating every Windrusher crossing the line (please join as support crew even if you are not racing - we have flags) so wear/borrow club kit (post requests below)! 

Once the race is over, we will pack up and head back home and plan to meet in Herne Hill around 6pm (after showering!) to celebrate the last race of the season with a cool beverage in the Prince Regent (opposite the Lido!).

Any additional questions please post below...

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Agghh.. I know most of you are already there but does anyone have a spare spare inner tube 26in? Just checked my little saddle bag thing where I normally keep one and it's empty!
Whilst chnacesor me successfully changing an inner tube mid race are slim, I'd feel somehow comforted knowing I've got one.

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