Hi All

I'm thinking of doing my first olympic distance tri and I'm hoping you guys can recommend some good beginner friendly courses.

Ideally looking for one late July onwards.



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Try London or Dartford

The women only triathlon run by human race is a good one to get your teeth into, as at Dorney lake so a flat course and you don't get trampled on the swim.  On in late July I think.


The Bridge is our club Olympic race. It's not too big, in London, and we will have our own wave so will be very friendly. I also liked Reading in early September.

London is so big it requires logistics that will test even an experienced triathelete, the run is hard (broken ankles aside) and swim is chaos but the bike leg and overall event experience makesup for most of its failings.

Dorney Lake is great for sprints & first timers but an olympic distance would become just a maths challenge in counting the laps.

The Windsor & Blenheim Triathlons are both really well respected but general entry is soldout so you would need to give £200 to charity.

Bridges looks like your best option.

The Bridge tri would be a good one - easy to get to especially if you drive or can cadge a lift. Not too big. Lots of other club members there. Swim civilised and bike and run course reasonably flat.

If that sounds too easy we still have space in the cabin if you want to try


That way all the other Olympic tris you do will seem remarkably straightforward


Thanks All!!


I think I'll pass on Alp D'euz this year but will look at the bridge!

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