Summer 2017 Maddest race award - an Ironman the Arctic

It's becoming a Windrush tradition that with summer comes one of our members entering races that most people would think very very long and hard before entering. Last year for example we had Rory setting off on a time trial to Turkey via the Alps, Dolomites and Balkan mountains.

The lead in this year's competition has been seized by a Mr Charles Barclay.

Not content with entering an Ironman race, this one takes place in the Arctic. These are the details in case you are thinking about it for next year.

You will see at this other website that this is a place where they take tourists out (IN BOATS) to see killer whales.

Just in case the orcas don't get him there are also 24 feet long sharks that live to 500 years old and eat polar bears.

Anyway Charles is/was a good photographer and it is meant to be a very beautiful
place so we might get some good snaps out of it.

So best of luck Charles and enjoy it. Will be following your progress hopefully on Saturday

(PS Don't forget though if worst comes to the worst I would be interested in those ZIPP wheels you bought)

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Charles what a great race and report.

You are a gentleman and a legend. I can't wait to shake your hand Sir.

Congratulations Charles - you are amazing!!!
Amazing write up. Really inspiring

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