I have just spoken to the Lido managers who say that there are no plans to close early today so far.


I call again about 16:30 as advised, and will update if there are any changes so please check back here before you make your way to the Lido.


Fingers crossed we can get things back to normal :-)



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Don't the looters know we've got triathlons to train for?! ;) Hopefully see you all later.

Hi Laura,


How do reserve a bike for tonight, I can't see an attendance option on the event page (As i have done for Thursdays sessions)





Hi James,


The sign-up was removed as we didn't know if the session was happening.  However it is back up now.  As there are only 19 spin bikes, sign-up is limited for the session and for a Wednesday you usually have to sign-up on a Monday or early Tuesday to get a spot.  


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