I've got a wetsuit with a couple of little nicks in it. Because I haven't got any big races planned this year and will only really be wearing the wetsuit in the Lido, I don't want to buy a new one. Can anyone give me any advice on the best way to patch up a wetsuit so that it'll last the year?

Thanks :)

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Black Witch all the way!  My wetsuit was held together by it last year!

Blackwitch. I'll got loads so I'll bring some along to the mob match run on Sat 21st at Brockwell if you're about?

Thanks guys. It sounds like Blackwitch is what I need. Will be at Park Run tomorrow for any donating of said stuff, or will buy some in the next few days!

Did you get any and if so can I have a squeeze?  I have a nick in my 2nd suit I'd like to fix before it gets worse :)

This post was the 7th hit on Google when I searched for "wetsuit repair nicks" today! Looks like I'll be getting some Blackwitch then...

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