*Windrush parkrun takeover & social* Sat. 5th August. Photos up and Big Thanks!!

Thank you to the 25 of our lovely Windrush club members who came together on Saturday to takeover the Brockwell parkrun event and support over 250 parkrunners!  It couldn't have happened without your friendly faces (and  cakes/drinks!) so a really big thanks especially to...

Dave, James, Dermot, Ben, Emily, Rus, Tobi, Ursula, Val, Luis, Tim, Paul, Cat, Kim, Hugh, Col, Rob, Claire, Harry, Hayley, Liz, Lizzie and partner, Deborah, Charles and Saffron... and others who couldn't make it but who supported from afar!

Clare the parkrun Director has sent her big thanks too. Why not follow the Brockwell parkrun facebook page? https://m.facebook.c​om/profile.php?id=13​6270826435167&ref=co​ntent_filter

Our very own Val, did an epic job with the photos which look incredibly professional and really captured the spirit of parkrun: http://www.parkrun.o​rg.uk/brockwell/phot​os/

Thanks again!


Windrush Volunteer Coordinator

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I'm working this weekend I'm afraid.

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for the support so far!  It is likely to be an extra busy parkrun this week because Tooting parkrun is cancelled so your help will be benefitting even more people than usual.

If you have said yes on the attendee post and not on the doc - please put your name next to a role or post here and I will add you on.  We just need 2x marshals now!

If you haven't already, please pm me your email address and parkrun number if you have it (this is so that parkrun can follow up with an email to you and thank the right people!), also your mobile (I will create a what's app group towards the end of the week).

It should be a really fun morning!  Thanks again - you guys really help make the club a great place to be!

I can probably help, will confirm in the next day or so. Also need to signup as I've never done a parkrun before.

thanks Lizzie!

Do you still need volunteers? I'll be in a sling but am able bodied enough to help!

Hi Kim,  yes please - thank you so much! I have put you  down as a marshal - two arms not required!

Thank  you everyone for your incredible support!! 

We just need one more person now to be a tail runner - basically you run at the back and are the last person to make sure no-one gets left behind.  There is often more than one of you for this position which is fun and relaxed.

Please post up here or write on the sheet if interested!  Thank you.

Hi Team, Hannah... I wish I could help but I am busy pretty much every Saturday morning...

Have fun guys!


I am a late addition - I can make the Saturday parkrun.

Does that mean I actually have to do some running??!

haha, hi Russ

if you fancied making a cake, that would be fab, but no pressure, and come along as an extra please (it is expected to be busy!) it would be great to see you!
Russell Speechley said:


I am a late addition - I can make the Saturday parkrun.

Does that mean I actually have to do some running??!

Thank you everyone, we have a full team now! 

A what's app group and email from parkrun  will follow soon..

Do message me with any questions in the meantime...

See you on Saturday!

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