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Chairman: Dave Synott

David joined Windrush in late 2014 after several years of competing as part of a relay team at the London Triathlon with an aim to complete a full Olympic Distance. Since then he has completed Kalmar Ironman, Outlaw 70.3 twice and ran 12 marathons in 2016. Coming from a background of 18 years of international korfball and 7 years of serving on the England Korfball Board, David was inspired this season to put his efforts into making Windrush better than it already is.

SecretaryRob Weinert-Aplin

Rob’s job is to manage the admin side of the club to make sure the club continues to run smoothly, as well as being a soundboard for club members to voice any concerns.

He got into triathlons in 2011 after entering a Try-a-tri sprint with a group of friends and despite getting lost on the bike, still loved it. Having worked through sprint, standard and half-iron distance races, Rob decided that it would be much more enjoyable to train and race with other similarly mad people and joined Windrush in 2016. Since joining, he has discovered: 1) camping the night before a race is so much better than driving on the morning, and 2) Parkrun + lido swim + brunch combo on Saturday morning is almost always the highlight of the week’s “training”.

Treasurer: Tom Taylor 

Tom has been a Triathlete for over a year, finishing his first Standard Distance in September 2015 at Hever Castle. Tom joined Windrush in March 2016 and has had a very successful season with the Club. He mainly joined to improve his rubbish swimming time, so you will find him at the coached swimming sessions and also at Tooting Lido most mornings (not during the winter).

Tom is a full-time Accountant for a Commodity Trading company and was happy to put himself forward for theTreasury position to ensure a smooth running of the Accounts, Budgets and Cash Flow.

Sponsorship: Russell Speechley

Historically a mountain biker and runner, my love of hills gravitated to road cycling some years back. It was the next step to triathlon and having moved to London from the West Country, I joined Windrush in 2014 seeking structured training and to meet likeminded people. I have undertaken numerous cycle sportives, triathlons, running events and whatever else is offered. You can normally find me swimming in the lido on a Saturday morning, at spin sessions or out on a bike somewhere.

As sponsorship coordinator I am interested in any opportunities to increase the clubs exposure with potential sponsors and generally assist with building the profile of Windrush. Any ideas are greatly received.

Junior Coordinator: Lara Bonici

Welfare: Raya Hubbell

Raya joined Windrush in January 2015 embarking on her triathlon journey. Having started with the short distances Raya quickly fell for the aspect of competing and has built up to middle distance competing in Croatia 70.3, September 2016. Full ironman distance is her next challenge and hopefully a chance to qualify for age group middle distance world championships. The Windrush triathlon club is where so much of the support and fun has come from along this exciting adventure. She enjoys the inclusiveness of the club, having felt very comfortable and at ease  as a newby but also making great friends and having great team mates to train with at every level of ability.

Membership: Aine Cassidy

Aine is the membership secretary so usually the person you'll get if you email She joined the club in 2014 as a beginner to triathlon, looking for a more social way to keep fit. Since then she's competed a bunch of sprint and Olympic distance events, as well as various cross-country races and the London marathon (ballot place through Windrush draw :-). She enjoys being part of the Windrush family and is inspired by the sense of camaraderie and the supportive atmosphere of the club.

Kit Officer: Sam Blackburn

I joined Windrush in 2013 after doing my first tri and getting the bug. Slowly over the years I've raced at all distances and even started coaching. Although I hate cold water and often question my decisions at the start of races, I still can't stop entering more. Ironman Sweden taught me everyone loves a great finishing photo (!) and they look even better when your in kit! I love my job as kit captain, its a great way of meeting people in the club and when you're in Windrush kit everyone knows who to cheer for!


Swim Captain: Tobias Mittelstaedt

I have been a long time cyclist, even though started road biking only after moving to London in 2013. Previously a strict off road mountain bike cross country racer, I had to switch to roads to commute and immediately realised what I missed by restricting myself to muddy paths before. After some long distance cycle tours I looked for new challenges and signed up for the London Triathlon 2016, then realising that joining a triathlon club might be a good idea to get some guidance for the training. I knew about Windrush from visits to Brockwell Lido before, and after a visit to the forum it was an easy decision to join in the beginning of 2016, as the free Saturday swim was immediately convincing. I have been a very regular Saturday swimmer throughout Summer and Winter months since then and very much enjoyed the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of the club, which for the first time made me feel at home in London 3 years after moving to England from Germany. I finished 3 Triathlons in my first year as a member, and the swim training offered by the club played an important role in making it fun. I therefore look forward to make sure that the swim training continues to help new members to tackle their first open water swims without fear, and gives experienced swimmers a lot of possibilities to improve their performance in the water. 

Run Captain: Harry Vaneris

I have always enjoyed cycling and being active, having completed a number of off-road events over the years. But running and swimming were weak points, despite growing up in Australia. I remember my breathing being laboured when I used to run, and it was never more than 7km. I joined my girlfriend on her long training runs for the Berlin Marathon, and my fitness started improving while clocking up the miles. Despite her sustaining an injury, I kept on with the longer runs. Shortly after I signed up for my first organised 10km in 2015 at Brockwell Lido, falling in love with the location. I noticed that there was a local Triathlon club and joined later in 2015.
With the help of club, the coaches and members I have gone from strength to strength, pushing my limits and achieving a number of PB. In 2016 I went event crazy and signed up to about 30 events throughout the year, ranging from numerous 10km, Half Marathon, the London Marathon and trail runs. As well as standard duathlon, the Ultra Duathlon around Richmond park, and my first triathlons in both sprint and standard distances. 2017 is about pushing my boundaries again once again, having signed up for 2 Half Ironman races, the Dragon Ride 230km and the Sydney Marathon.
My favourite event is Trail Running which works out nicely as I am the club's Run Captain. I hope to encourage all members to run to train, run to compete and run for fun. I look forward to seeing you at track training, Park Run or on a social run.

Head Coach: Lucy Hurn

Lucy did her first triathlon and joined Windrush in 2012 and has been hooked ever since. She became Head Coach in 2016. This includes putting together the training calendar, supporting the coaches to deliver the sessions, developing members' skills and knowledge through training seminars and sessions (such as our inaugural training weekend in 2016), ensuring all the boring health and safety stuff is covered. 

She's competed at sprint to 1/2 Iron distance, represented GB at the European Championships, coming in the top 10 in her age group, and qualified for the World Championships several times. She's passionate about supporting people to take up triathlon, even going as far as changing career to become a Personal Trainer to support more to reach their personal goals. 

Performance Development: Nick Flower

Nick got the triathlon bug in 2012 and became a Windrusher not long after. Having a competitive swimming background he first focused on Aquathlon and qualified to represent Team GB in the European Championships in Cologne (2015) coming 6th in Age Group. Now with his improved bike knowledge he mainly competes in Olympic distance triathlon. In his Performance Development role he hopes to get as many of you involved too!

Social Secretary: Saffron Pineger

Saffron's first encounter with Windrush members took place at the club’s 2015 summer barbecue. Over burgers and beer, the club's encouragement and exhortations led to her first ever triathlon attempt one month later - a standard distance at the Hever Castle club championships.

Clad entirely in borrowed kit, Saffron crossed the finish line to discover, to her delight, her new-found friends cheering her on. She has been hooked on triathlon ever since.

Volunteer Coordinator: Hannah Fishpool 

Hannah joined Windrush in 2016, after being inspired by a Windrusher at the Hever Castle triathlon.

Cycling is Hannah's main passion.  She has been part of cycling clubs for many years and in summer 2016, took on a charity cycle challenge in the French Alps, cycling the equivalent of the height of Mount Everest, including up the famous Alpe d'Huez peak.  

As Volunteer Coordinator, Hannah will use her energy and passion to bring Windrushers together to enjoy the benefits of volunteering  at the club Aquathon and other events in 2017!

Communications Secretary: Emily Robinson

After moving to London from Canada with a bike and wetsuit, Emily was excited to find that Windrush, the local triathlon club, was a very friendly bunch and promptly joined in January 2016. While preferring the swimming aspect of triathlon, she is enjoying the challenge of completing all three sports.

In the role of communications secretary she aims to bring all the news to everyone in club and is looking forward to having a excuse to chat to more people.

Bike Captain: Rory Kemper

Joined Windrush at the start of the summer this year (2015). Having completed a number of shorter distance triathlons I was undertaking my first and probably last Ironman in September. After spending most of the winter building base miles on my own the appeal of spending time with like minded friendly people was a massive draw. I only wish I joined sooner!

Personally my favourite race was Ironman Wales - the location, difficultly, atmosphere and locals make it truly special.

You are most likely to see me eating cake either post swim on a Saturday at Brockwell or whilst out cycling on a Sunday. A firm favourite is the Tuesday Velodrome session where I put my single speed commuter through its paces.

Website Officer: Paul Connor

Joined the club back in 2010 after completing his first sprint triathlon at Dorney lake but now concentrates on longer distances having tackled Ironman wales, the Desafio Donana and Embruman.

Along side triathlon & keeping the website running, he also occasionally races at Open track meets. Most likely to see him at the Lido on a Saturday all year round.

Events Captain: Becky G

Found triathlon in late 2015 and haven’t looked back, since having competed in local races to age group championships.  Love every part of the sport especially the transition leg and think that Windrusher’s are the best support crew as well as the ones to race against with lots of fun, cheers and smiles!

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