Hello Windrushers!

It's fast approaching that time of year when we have our annual meeting to make sure everyone is happy with how the club is being run, and if not, to let us know! It is also the night when the committee will be elected for the coming year. If you want to be more involved with running the club or think you can make Windrush bigger and better than it currently is, NOW is the time to raise your hand and get involved. Even if you don't think you'll stand for any positions, please come along to vote on who you think should be running the club!

Details: The 2017 AGM will be held on Tuesday 26th September 2017. Details on venue and times will be confirmed asap, but it will be in evening in the Herne Hill area. Event sign up is here

Agenda can be found here Club AGM 2017 Agenda

Accounts for the year can be found here Summary of Accounts 2016-2017

Important notes: 

1) As with previous years, we will be publishing the annual accounts and AGM agenda at least 2 weeks (i.e. before the 12th September) before the AGM.

2) The committee will be proposing some amendments to the club's constitution (http://clubhouse.windrushtri.co.uk/page/constitution).

To keep what we are doing transparent, the committee will be proposing changes to how the committee itself operates and some of the committee roles themselves to try and make it work more smoothly. All the sessions, socials and events you enjoy doing now will continue (provided you put your hand up and help make it happen!). We will publishing our proposed amended constitution before the 12th September, but the descriptions for the roles we will be proposing are attached.

If you would like to propose any changes or amendments to the constitution please send them to me before the 5th September and I will include these in the proposal published on the 12th September.

3) ALL committee positions are elected on the night. Just because someone is re-standing for a position does not mean you can not stand yourself. We want ALL positions to be contested. If you are unsure about what a particular role involves, please get in touch with the person currently in the position http://clubhouse.windrushtri.co.uk/page/windrush-commitee or ask any of the committee you see at the socials or training sessions. If you would like to stand for a position, please fill in the form attached and return it to me ideally by the 12th September (PM me and I will send you my email address).

4) If you would like to raise anything for discussion at the AGM, please send this to me ideally before the 12th September.

That is all for now, but if you have any questions let us know!


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Thanks Rob!

What with the lovely Emily stepping down, I'm going to be standing for Marketing Officer.  Yes, I know, I'm a keen bean but I do have an abnormally large amount of love for Windrush so I would like to get more involved - hopefully lots of others are too!

And Pizza Express do a pretty good gluten free pizza so I will definitely be there on the night to vote for myself :)

Great to hear the Windrush love is strong Ellie! And fantastic to hear you're keen to step up to the role! And absolutely no worries about getting involved with the committee when you've not been in the club that long. It's about what you're willing to do going forward that counts!

And to anyone else considering a role, please do get in touch! All roles get elected at the AGM, so it does not matter if someone is re-stannding for a role. Plenty of roles still have nobody standing currently!

I am going to stand for Run Captain folks. I have some prior experience and a load of fun(?) ideas to help us all run faster :)

Great news Lloyd! Please do think of standing for one of the roles (you dont need to be speedy or have loads of experience, just some enthusiasm and a little bit of spare time). The club is 100% run by volunteers and we really rely on people giving a little bit of their time to make things happen. Do ask one of us if you want to know more about what it involves (and even if you dont think you can run for a role still come along and eat pizza, I mean exercise your democratic rights, at the AGM). 

Bumping this back up

And after the formalities are done we can turn this into leaving drinks for me so make sure you come! and also the AGM is important and make sure you check out the roles and volunteer - it's loads of fun!

In Ellie's excitement in wanting to help out, she may have said she's standing for the wrong position. What she meant to nominate herself for was actually Communications Officer, so the position of Marketing Officer is still waiting for someone to take on!

It will be a great chance for us to get our name out there, so if you have any experience to offer and fancy making Windrush and the sport of triathlon appeal to the masses (or at least our local community!) here is your chance!

Thank you to everyone who's gotten in touch with myself or people on the Committee to find out more about the different roles. I'm happy to say that most roles have received some interest, but there are still some (quite important ones!) that have not. 

So if you have enjoyed going to the Thursday currys/socials or the post-Crystal Palace BBQ, having us takeover Brockwell Parkrun and have lots of people come up to you to have a chat afterwards, or even just seeing Windrush have lots of success at the World and European races, maybe one of these roles are for you! These things don't happen without people giving up a bit of their time to organise (ok, you have to train a lot to qualify for the Worlds, but less so to organise a BBQ!). 

So if you'd like to get involved a bit more with the club, we are still looking for someone to fill these roles:

  • Treasurer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Performance Development Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Social Secretary

This is not to say that the other roles are gone. Nothing is decided until we vote on the night, so if you are interested in standing for ANY position and haven't let me know, please do get in touch. A HUGE number of the club at Sussex this weekend, including most of the Committee, so it is a great chance to have any of your questions answered. 

FREE PIZZA!!!!! don't miss out....

looking forward to see you guys

Hi Rob, can you send me your email please (I'll send you an invite) re committee positions please?

Agenda for the evening can now be found here

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