Check out the Age Group Qualifiers and major events for 2018 and 2019:

If these are on your agenda, always good to sign up early. Post below if you are attending any so you can enjoy the races with other Windies!

Catch me at a training/social event or drop me a message if you have some questions.


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Nick hi I’d be very interested in a general (pub-based) introduction discussion to how the qualification system works, the difference between Tri England the BTF, ITU vs ETU etc.

I’ve decided my only realistic chance is to drop them he swimming so am targeting Bedford draft legal sprint Du in March !

Hi Lloyd. A session will be organised sometime within the next month around all this.

The draft legal races are really fun!

Thinking about some race entries for next year...Few Black Friday discounts I have seen advertised today:

- Eton Dorney ITU qualifier - discounted entry today with BLACKTRIDAY code £12 off. --->Good fun to practice those drafting skills from the velodrome too!

- Leeds ETU qualifier and British Champs - discount £10 off BLACKTRIDAYST code

I'm sure lot's of other race entries across the board will also be discounted today so check them out.

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