Assuming I can throw off a cold... am planning a last ride before Sussex tri on Sunday.

Will follow a pretty typical route out via Crystal Palace round Biggin Hill and then back over the Downs. The route will be similar to the Sussex tri bike course in many ways ----- but I've no intention of running afterwards as the last run training is Run Directing at Peckham Parkrun - tapering see not lazy.

Weather looks like it will be ok and am happy to cycle so that nobody will get dropped. There are a few hills on this route but happy to regroup at the top.

Leaving 9am from the Lido but happy to meet anybody at 9.15 at Cadence in Crystal Palace as well

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Tossing up between this and a Sunday Shepperton ride ... This ride has a later start which is a bonus

Shepperton on a Sunday would be nice for a swim but the traffic builds up and it's a pain getting back through th Sunday drivers in Kingston, Putney and Clapham

Wasn't there a place we could swim south of London? I didn't go but reports sounded positive.

The idea though is to do a few hills on Sunday as the ride at Sussex is not flat and it's better on the Downs than cycling through west London - prettier too.

One more to throw into the mix: I'm considering another #lidotour down to Saltdean lido in Brighton before it closes for the season (on Oct 1st). ~100km ride at social pace and heated 40m pool at the end. Haven't checked if trains are running yet but will do when I'm back in UK next week

I'll ride on Sunday. I have to do a short ride at a chatty pace. Then a 30 minute run.

I'll see you at Lido 0900.

Great- see you at 9 having just about recovered from megaphone and token issuing duties at parkrun this morning - you know some people think it is harder to run but I'm not so sure

I think I will do Shepperton tomorrow - cheers though - and I assume you mean tomorrow 10th not 17th sep?

Well spotted on the date - yes am going tomorrow

Plus luckily that means a whole weeks extra training before Sussex tri
Thanks for that Deborah - I'm now acquainted with the meaning of a "chatty" 2 hour ride at the end of your world championship training programme.

Especially when you were still chatting as I was in the early stages of cardiac arrest up that hill near Tapsfield.

Hope your race in Rotterdam goes brilliantly - on signs "let op drempels" means watch pit speed humps by the way in Dutch.

I assume no cake stop?

Well I tried suggesting stopping at Downe - on the pretext of checking out the internet for a bike shop to sort out why her Garmin wasn't communicating with the power meter in the pedals.

The reality of a wide variety of cakes and scones on offer was well anticipated and as a result have now been reduced to checking whether Deliveroo covers Downe Cake Shoppe

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