I know there's lots of us going to Arundel next month - has anyone thought about/booked accommodation yet?  Someone mentioned a campsite right next door?

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Totally up for camping!!

I want to camp! 

Have found two - http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/details.asp?revid=1526 - a little bit further from the race I think but looks nicer  - also next to a pub ... 

http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/sites/details.asp?revid=1592 - looks really close although more reviews mention the main road etc 

My vote's the first one!

Did some one say camping by a pub? I'm in!

It looks like the only option is camping as I cannot find accommodation in the town that will take one night. I notice there is a compulsory 5:10am briefing and a 6am start. Looks like a nightmare.

I am happy to hire a van to take bikes and kit. Let me know if anyone wants their bike and camping stuff taken down. I will also have room for 2 passengers

Can someone co ordinate the campsite booking.

Amazing Deborah - I would like to book kit space please in the van.

I'm happy to volunteer to be the campsite person.

So far sites for

1. Ellie R 2. Deb 3. Nick and Becky 4. Rory and Emily 5. Lucy

Anyone else doing Arundel and want a campsite space? Will call over the weekend and see what space is like.

Can I bagsy some space for kit in the van, happy to take the train down. Will confirm what the deal with bikes on the train is.
Nice one guys. I'm doing this. I don't doubt Deborah's research skills for a second so camping it is. I was planning to drive so happy to take others. Should have space for at least a couple, plus bikes, or more people if bikes are going in a van.
Thanks Emily for offering to sort! Let me know if I can help at all. Transport-wise, I'd love to jump in with someone if the offer's there but likewise, happy to get the train!

Just looked at trains: £5 advance tickets but you cant book bikes on (2 spaces per train in theory) so I'd probably want to put bike in the van if that's possible. I'm happy to put money in for shared van and hire car, or to go on train and get a taxi to the campsite. Elly W is also doing the race, will see what she's up to...

The race organisers link to this glamping place: http://www.billycancamping.co.uk/ incase that's helpful. This race looks great. I should have signed up!
I'll be driving down, room for two others plus bikes/camping stuff.

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