If you fancy meeting/chatting/planning triathlon or other adventure activities* and meet lots of other Windrush members then pop along to the Windrush Summer BBQ, details here:


*It is not compulsory to sign up to an Ironman like the Summer Windrush Party of 2014...but who knows what you will leave having planned (channel swimming relay, swimrun partnership or even a Sunday bike ride!)

Pop by, bring beers and say hello!!

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There is a distinct lack of people I don't know really well coming along to this event....

Beer, sausages and lovely people definitely talking about normal things like, umm, music and err holidays...

bump bump bump! don't miss out peeps!!

Weather is also looking perfect for this! I will try and bake something for this.

Fab ... all baked goods especially welcome!

Rob Weinert-Aplin said:

Weather is also looking perfect for this! I will try and bake something for this.

Hey all, the BBQ is this Saturday in West Dulwich at Erika's from 2pm. Sign up and let me know if you fancy coming and I'll send you the address! http://clubhouse.windrushtri.co.uk/events/windrush-summer-bbq

Bring burgers, sausages, booze and bread rolls, and anything else you fancy!

The party will go on til late so get ready to have fun with Windrushers old and new until the small hours...

Thanks so much Erika for hosting and Saffron for organising! Such a god night and in true Windrush fashion have come away entered into a crazy challenge! So just about to google "how to train for the Dart10km swim in 3 weeks"

Thank you for a great fun party! Sorry for leaving earlier - training catching up with me & and I can't cope with sleep deprivation!
Thanks for a great party Erika, Saffron, BBQ chef Rory and everyone! Nice event signup Emily!

Fab Party, thanks Erika, Saffron and Rory!! Sunday was a little quiet on the training side of life :-) 

Thanks everyone for coming and for all the lovely messages, a particular thanks to Saffron for organising (and the clean-up!), Rory for his valiant service on the BBQ, and Ed for loaning the BBQ, my house now feels well and truly 'warmed' and is filled with beautiful flowers (and many bottles of prosecco ... you know me so well!)

Looking forward to the next one! xx

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