Hi all, 

A couple of us are doing our first half Ironman in Austria at the end of August :S -  Thinking ahead, does anyone have a bike box we could borrow between the 25th - 30th August? or recommend a place where we can rent them?



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Hi Matt

That sounds exciting! Well done you two for signing up.

I have a bike box you are welcome to borrow - called bike box Alan.  I think it's  only designed to fit one bike though I might be wrong. You are welcome to have a look if it might be of interest.

Ooh good luck! It's a beautiful, beautiful race! Be prepared for it to potentially be very hot (lots of suncream and proper hydration with electrolytes) and a scrum as the swim goes from the lake to the river.
Cadence in Crystal Palace have good boxes, £35 for a week

I rented mine from Cadence and it was fine. As Charlie says £35/week, which is a good rate I think. Although you have to put a £300 deposit down  

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