Anyone have a bike box I could borrow for the weekend? I fly out Thursday and back Monday evening. Been so busy forget to arrange this! Can collect this evening or any time tomorrow - thank you!!


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Hi Raya - I've a BikeBox Allen you can borrow if you can come over this evening to Streatham Common?

You're more then welcome to borrow mine if you need? It's not super fancy (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/b-w-bike-box/) but has safely seen my bike to the continent and back a number of times. Only catch is I'm currently in Lisbon but back tomorrow so I could meet you in the evening. It's been a while since I've used it so assume the key is in the box, just can't check till I get home!

Might be sensible to take another offer if you get one today and use me a B plan if necessary?

I also have a BBA if needed, I'll be in most of the day tomorrow

If everything on the above fails I have a BBA as well. But my schedule tomorrow looks awful !! I am plan D 

Raya now sorted; came round last night to borrow my BBA and to introduce Coco to Jackson (her miniature Schnauzer to our poodle pup)

Hey Raya did Coco manage to get the hang of that Moonwalk dance Jackson does?

You mean Tony did Coco get the hang of doing those splatter paintings that will one day sell for millions of pounds?

Got my Pollock from Tate Modern 10% off for members...saved millions eh?

Although I think it might be a fake

I’m sure you and JC could teach him to Moonwalk

Thank you everyone! Yes - Charles kindly sorted me out so I could selfishly go and meet Jackson the new Pup! I was very taken by him - Coco less so. She thinks he has some growing up to do before she warms up to his playful ways!

Thank you all! Xx

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