If any Windrushers wanted to practice their Ascending and Descending ahead of Crystal Palace this Friday.

Meet at the Lido 9:30am for quick recap on basic techniques for going up hills and down them whilst maintaining your speed.

I'll then head out into Kent, stopping at an *undisclosed location to put it all into practice.

*freshly re-tarmaced surface thats super grippy and minimal traffic.

People can do it multiple times if they wish.

Should be around 60km with 600metres of climbing in total.

No one dropped, everyone welcome - Riding as a group

Reply below if you want to join.

*Weather dependant on dry conditions

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Great ride, thanks everyone and for the tips Paul.

Tobias ok?
I had a great time! Thanks Paul for the pointers and thanks gang!

Great ride, thanks guys for being patient with me and Paul for tips which will no doubt transform my Crystal Palace race! Here's the less creative pic... Tobias I'd love to see the creative version!

thanks Everyone Great Ride! And fantastic downhill!

@Tony up to cadence Tobias "Flash" Mittelstaedt was more than fine and happy with the fancy wheels!

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