All, great news, we have been contacted by Brighton who are looking to bolster their race with UK club runners for 2018.

For those who haven't run Brighton before I can highly recommend it. It has all the razzmatazz of a big City marathon - and is the UK's second largest with around 12,000 runners - but it has the massive advantages over London of a much more compact "footprint" of the course meaning it's much easier for your friends/spectathletes / loved ones to see you in a few places and meet at the finish for several pints on the beach!

We have 10 spaces available to fully paid up 2017 members who have a valid 2017-2018 UK Athletics EA registration.

If more than 10 people want a spot then we will look at criteria how most fairly to allocate them - perhaps by the number of marshalling or volunteering at club / Brockwell Parkrun events that people have done.

Price is £69.50.

Places can be deferred in the event of injury [albeit Brighton's policy is that an entry fee in 2019 will still apply for places deferred from 2019].

If we can have a show of hands on here, I will close this "ballot" on Dec 31st (as training should have begun in earnest by then !).

Your Run Captain,


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I managed to get a place anyway, but great if we get a large Windrush contingent together.  Sign up people!

Great that there are so many places up for grabs! I did it last year. Other than the slighty miserable bit around the power station it was a great race! It was a super hot day and the support was amazing!

Yes please! Would really like a place if there's one available! 

Yes please.

Yes please - although I don't have UKA membership, can I just sign up for that?

Esther thanks.

The club has to submit the EA affiliation form on members' behalf. So, for now, let's wait until we have a show of hands here and anyone else wanting in but without the affiliation we can handle in one go.

Yes please.. Also do not have UKA membership.

Yes please! Likewise do not have a UKA membership, but happy to sign up.

Yes please! Also don't have UKA membership.

looks like we have 6 takers. anyone else - we have 4 more spaces.

I'm very tempted, and wondering if I can train without getting broken again! I also don't have UKA membership this year but happy to sign up for it again once it's worked out how we do it. 

I’ve already got a place but excited to see others signing up too! :) I did it last year - fantastic run along the sea front with great support along the way!! I’d encouage anyone else who is interested to sign up!

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