Cancellation policy and being on time for sessions - pls read!

Hi all, 

Grumpy coach time! 

Firstly there's a lot of people coming late to the start of sessions, PLEASE make sure you're on time. That includes time to get your wetsuit on/ set up your spin bike/have a gossip etc. 

If you arrive after the session has started the coach has the right to turn you away and will use it. Yes I know everyone has jobs, and there's traffic etc, but it's not fair on everyone else and you risk injury if you haven't taken part in the warm up. 

Secondly, for our most popular sessions (namely spin and coached lido swim sessions) we are implementing the full cancellation policy - 

If you need to cancel please do so before midday on the day of the session. Anyone who cancels after that or does not turn up will receive a ban for this session the following week. No exceptions. You will be named and shamed on the forum. 

Again, I know that life gets in the way and it's hard to know what will happen later in the day, but again, it's not fair on others. And if you've signed up on the wait list make sure you check to see if you've got a space after cancellations. Policy being actioned from tomorrow onwards. 

We're not implementing for other sessions yet, but please do be considerate to others and cancel if you're not coming as soon as you know. 

Thanks all, 

Nice, happy smiley coach, 


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Just bumping up so everyone sees...

Hi all, just bumping this up, guessing swim is going to be popular this week so please make sure you're on time and cancel BEFORE 12 if you cant make it. 

Due to the success of Tuesday velodrome sessions, we'll also be applying the cancellation policy to velodrome sessions.

NB if you know you can't make a session, even if it's after midday, please update your status so that others waiting for a space know it's worth attending.

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