Hi all,

Unfortunately I am going to stand down from the communications captain post as will be out of the UK for the start of the new committee year for a period of time.

While the elections are not for a couple of months away I wanted to have a longish hand over for this exciting to make it smooth and easy

So if you check your phone while bored at work?

Think you write hilarious posts?

Your non-tri mates have disowned you as you spend all your time with Windush? 

Like to know all the gossip?

Then this post is for you, dm me or email on emilyrrobinson@gmail.com and we can communicate about this exciting opportunity (see what I mean about thinking you are hilarious?!) #commsforlife #windrushforlife

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Nooooooo Emily, don't leave us! Thanks so much for the great work you've done this year!. 

To anyone thinking of doing it, this is a really important (and I hope rewarding) position at the heart of the club so if you're interested please do give Emily a shout to find out more. 

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