Great news, Cross Country (XC) is back for a new season. 

As with previous years, gender segregation is very important with XC. This means we have both a men's and women's team that run across various locations in Surrey. Races are always on a Saturday afternoon (between 2-4pm) and we need as many runners as possible to ensure we solidify our mid-table positions. 

For all you non-competitive people who just like running in the countryside/in fields, competitiveness is not the most important element of XC - in the men's league there are a few people who almost certainly above the age of 75 and we are in Div. 4, the lowest (but most fun) league. 

Important dates (confirmed so far)

Men's league

14th October - Wimbledon Common 

11th Nov - Epsom Downs

Women's league

14th October - Reigate 

11th Nov - Nonsuch park (not a joke, actually a park) 

Comment below if interested. All abilities welcome! 

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Keen to race on October 14th, can't make Nov 11th unfortunately 

I'm totally in!
(almost) last call for men's runners for 14th October in wimbledon. PM me if you are not already on the whatsapp group and would like to come along . If you can't come along to the 1st race then still let me know if you can do future races.
If you've PM'd me and I haven't added you yet then my bad! The messaging system on here is questionable. Nudge me again and I'll do it.

Ben! Talk to me... Do I have to be EA affiliated?

I can make Oct 14 but not 11 Nov

I'm in - just sent you a message Ben.

Yes please! Can't make the 14th Oct but hopefully one of the other dates!
Could you add me to the whatsapp as well please Ben? 07855468890


Unfortunately I can't make those first two races. But if there were more after them I would be interested. 



Hi Ben,

I can't do the 14th but can do the November date.


Last call for both female and male runners this Saturday . DM me for details about men's and contact Aine (there is a separate discussion on the forum)for the women's.

Whatever your speed, it's all about just having a little run around a you do.
Can't do tomorrow but I'm in for November... better buy some trail shoes...

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