Spotted this on the Dulwich Runner’s Facebook page and wanted to pass it on so we can offer our support. I certainly use CPs track regularly and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

“Crystal Palace Sports Centre

A heads up...As Dulwich Runners are users of the track and other facilities there...some of you may have also received the email he sent but in case you have not here it is....
I can forward the original if anybody wants it...

"Dear all

Crystal Palace Sports Centre could end up with no athletics provision, or at best merely a track in the midst of parkland. If you feel this is wrong, please read on...

Consultants have now been appointed to carry out a full consultation on the centre's future. If you do not have your say, do not expect your views to be counted.

I have submitted your email address as a user who must be consulted before the final report and recommendations are made to the GLA early in 2018 - don't miss your opportunity, or track and field could be sunk at the most accessible T & F / multi-sports venue in the UK.

FIRST though, I need you to do one thing - please collect the post codes of all the people you work with and who use Crystal Palace, and send them to me.

John V. Powell MBE at:

We need to map where all the centre users come from - it'll be a very persuasive piece of work if we all do this properly. DEADLINE? As soon as possible please, and definitely well before Christmas.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading this.
For the sake of the cynics -

NO, this is not just another meaningless exercise

- if we don't have our voices heard in the next few weeks, look out for the bulldozers in 2020!

Chairman, Crystal Palace Sports Partnership

Mobile: 07711 161 890 "

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well done Helena. I have emailed John.


Thanks Helena for this

When we were introducing track sessions to the training plan I thought "oh well which track should we choose out of all the tracks in south London which will be best for our members?"

What I found out was that - for an area covering a population of roughly two million - there are only four tracks we could use (which have lights for use through the winter) in Battersea park, in Tooting, at Crystal Palace or in Ladywell in Lewisham.

Oh and there's another track at Dulwich college but it has no lights and it's not 400m....

And now they want to rip out one of them and probably get rid of the only indoor running facility in south London while they are at it?.

I've sent off my name and urge as many other members to support this as possible.


Already done too. Thanks Helena

Can we please get the committee on this please? Rob? I'll email John separately

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