Hi all! I've just confirmed a charity place for the Dart 10k swim for 2017. Is anyone else planning on doing it/has done it in the past? The furthest I have swum OW in the past is 1600m...got a fair bit of work to do.

Entries open Thursday March 23rd at 7am- apparently they sell out rather quick :)

Anyway hope to hear from some windrushers soon with some useful tips, and looking forward to getting some practice in at the local ponds, lido and Friday night at JAGS :)



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Neil you don't fancy the Hever festival of endurance that day ? - I'm doing the L/D aquabike..

Neil MacGregor said:

Hey Beth,

Don't know when the Dart 10k is but Caroline and I are planning to enter the Swim Bewl event on the July 9th, there are 5 and 10k options...




Beth Hodge said:

I was wondering whether I should find a shorter OW swim event in advance of the 10k, a bit like a half marathon before the full!

Any advice very welcome.



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