... anyone fancy a 100km / 120km 25kpmh roughly starting 8 am?

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How about a compromise and leave Cadence at 9?

Happy to do distance and pace but not sure I can face starting at 8 ;-)

Sold for 9 am!

Ok see you there - will swing by Lido at 8.40 in case anyone else fancies the exercise

I'll join you at 9 at cadence if that's okay. Cheers

See you there Eduardo - am going to leave Lido at 8.40 - hopefully I ll be a bit quicker up College Road than the last time :-)
Thanks for that Francesco and Eduardo- lack of serious cycling has seriously compromised the resilience of my derrière to spending five hours on a bike saddle.

Now the challenge begins - persuading someone to come back early from Athens for chamois duties - not optimistic

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