Does anyone have a 23cm (9 inch) fixed base cake tin I could borrow for a party this weekend? I've only got springform and it won' work for this recipie :-(. It needs to to at least 5cm deep!

If you are coming to spin that would be perfect!!!

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I have two square 8 inch fixed base cake tins if they are any good.

How many triathlon clubs have members so well equipped with cake accessories - serrated knives, tins, decorations kits etc

Most just bang on about trainers and bike parts 

Oh and they are deep enough - expect Charles will be along in a moment to point out that, following Brexit, measures should be in feet and inches not centimetres 

Hi Tony, that would be about the same cake volume so would be fab if I could borrow one! Thanks so much. Are you at spin tomorrow night?

I wasn’t planning to but on the basis that I won’t breach coaching limit as a coach myself(?) I should really do something to fight off the impact of the cake diet...will bring 1 or 2?

You are amazing!!!! Thanks so much. One will be perfect. I owe you a drink ...or cake!

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