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Matt Goldsmith works at Ocean Leisure, which are one of our sponsors. He is also completing a MSc in exercise physiology at St Mary’s University and looking to recruit some male triathletes for a research project.

The testing would include a free VO2max test (usually £80) and four heat sessions with key physiological measures monitored and recorded throughout the test (usually £100 per training session). 

He has around 10 spaces left and is looking to start testing from week of 19th onwards.

If this of interest please drop me a line and I can put you in touch with Matt.


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Hi Russell, I'd be up for taking part - I'll PM you.


Hi Russell,

I am keen too! I am away from the 22nd to the 26th but if that's not a problem am otherwise free. I will pm you later this evening.

Best regards

Yep me too. And will be interesting to learn about from coaching viewpoint too. Thanks For positing runs.
Ugh....always testing the men in these studies :-p

Send me your email addresses and will pass the details on.

Laura - yeah, I know, I have asked if this is strictly limited to men only.

Hi Russell - I am keen to take part. Will send you my email address. 

Thanks Hugh 

Intersted as well. I'll message you my email address. Cheers

All interested, please send me your email addresses.


I could do this as I have a lot of free time at the moment

Hi Russell. I'd also like to get involved with this if there are stills paces available.




Does he want just triathletes or can long distance swimmers volunteer?

Think he has sufficient numbers for now, but inevitably there will be drop outs, so a reserve list is also being compiled. Matt will get in touch with people direct to make arrangements. If you haven't provided email address, please do so.

Simon, I understand it is a cycling based exercise with 4x cycles in a heat chamber....not sure that is your sort of thing?!

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