Guide swimmers needed for Monday training sessions

Hi all, many of you will know Haren, our visually impaired (and awesome guy) member. 

He's looking for guide swimmers for Monday night training sessions (7-8pm). Here's what he's written about it below - 

" This mainly requires swimming alongside me in the lido and nudging or tapping me if I veer off line or am about to hit the end....  I would  square off at the end of each length so  my shoulders are against the end to ensure I’m correctly orientated before I set off again. "

He's doing the 50m Lido in about 1 minute so you need to be slightly faster than that so that you can swim ahead at the lane ends to make sure he doesn't hit the wall. 

If you're the guide swimmer that night you wont pay for the training session. You'll be taking part in the main session, but your priority should be ensuring Haren stays on course and doesn't bang into the end. It's great training for you, as well as the swimming, you'll get lots of sighting practice and navigating around other people in the swim. 

If you're interested then please post below or contact Haren (Haren Thillainathan) directly. 


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Bumping this back up....

Hi - happy to guide tonight.

hi, I'm guiding Haren tonight. do I need to sign up for the session too?

Yup, sign up cos it affects session limit. But you wont pay.

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