Have you done an Ironman or Ironmans or long distance triathlon?

If so please put it on this list here

So we can see the awesome talent we have and also those who are thinking about doing your race can share your knowledge!

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Tally so far:

iM Nice 2005 11:13

iM Nice 2007  11:24

iM Lanzarote 2014  12:38

Stonebrixiaman (Italian Alps) 2015  19:01

Hmm, not getting slower with age am I?

This year doing the Lofoten extreme tri in Norway next month and iM Barca at end of Sept.

iM Kalmar 2015 11:28

should be adding to that in a few weeks :)

Ironman Austria 2013 - Swim+Bike+broken pelvis=DNF

Ironman UK 2014 12:58:03

Ironman Kalmar 2015 12:45:51

Ironman Wales



Hard as hell - wind, rain and lots of hills. Loved every minute of it.

IMUK 2016 14:30
Ironman UK 2015 13 hrs 45
Ironman Wales 2016 13 hrs

Adding to the list next year

Ironman Kalmar 2015: 15hrs 52mins 57secs

Ironman UK 2015 - 14:34

Desafio Doñana 2010 (200km bike)

IM wales 2014 (2,176 of climb)

Embruman 2015 (3,600m of climb)

All times within cutoff periods.

Amazing achievements guys! You have all made it to the windrush hall of fame which you can find here (continue to keep adding your upcoming results!)

IM UK (Weymouth) 2016 - 13:18

Ironman Kalmar 2015 - 11:44:50

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