Due having undertaken the IT officer role for a while & with some uncertainty in my work commitments next year, I do not plan to run for the IT officer role at the AGM.

For the club to have someone new with fresh energy in the role, is a good thing.

I am posting on the site now to encourage interested applicants to apply for it.

The democratic way Windrush is run results in the open nature of the club however it doesn't work unless people run for the roles. 

The role doesn't necessarily require someone to be extremely technical, mainly to be pragmatic and have drive to push projects forward by finding members with the skills that can help.

I plan to produce documentation for key areas and will still be around to assist the new incumbent, in whatever eventual form it takes.

Please message me if you have any questions before applying. This is a great chance to give back to the club with skills normally of no-use in triathlon.

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Thanks for looking after the website Paul, you've done a fab job !! 

Agreed - anyone who has had dealings with our website knows Paul's tolerance for unpredictability and idiosyncrasies came in handy.

Do you have a summary of what is involved in the role?

Hi Andrew 

Thank you for your interest, ive sent you a DM as its a little complicated this year with possible constitutional changes but *I don't want that to put anyone off applying.

*unless you really like meetings.

Thanks Paul for taking on the IT Officer role twice.  You were a great help to me when I took on the role and I'm sure you'll be a great help to the new incumbent.

Thanks again and good luck in which ever direction your work commitments take you.

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