Calling all female Windrushers!

The ladies XC league is kicking off again on October 14. It was loads of fun last year so I’m hoping we can get a good crew together again this year. There’s a very inclusive spirit and you don’t need to be a fast runner to join in. We get points for the number of participants who take part so the more the merrier. The distances are between 6–8km over a mixed terrain. You can wear regular trainers (provided the conditions aren’t too wet and slippery) or trail shoes/spikes if you have them. I’ve listed the dates and locations below. We’re currently Division 2.

14th Oct - Priory Park, Reigate - 1pm

11th Nov - Nonsuch Park, Cheam - 11/11.30am 

13th Jan - Wimbledon Common - 1pm

10th Feb - Richmond Park - 11/11.30am (exact time TBC)

Please post below if you’re interested or if you have any questions. If you want to take part, please PM me with your DOB, email and phone number so I can add you to the system and the whatsapp group.

Aine ;-)

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I'd love to do this, although I think life might get in the way of some of these races, but I'll be there if I can!

Ah yes I love some mud! Also keen, not sure I can make the first one but will be in for the others :)

Wahoo bring on the mud! :-) 

Also keen to join again - let me know if you need my details Aine!

I'm keen to join the team - but I know already I'm away on 11th Nov and 13th Jan :-( 

I'll try to be there for the other two!

In - obvs! XC is the best!!!
I think I'm away on the Octover one though - damn! X
Hi! I'm also keen for some cross-country - I will message you my number thanks!

I'm keen to give it a go. I'll definitely be more for the numbers but happy to take part. Will pm you my details too. 

Hi all...there are (so far) 32 Windrush women interested in x-country – this is fantastic! I'm going to send an email within the next couple of days about the first race (on October 14). If you've not done so already, could you send me your email address and phone number so I can keep you in the loop (I'm missing details for Rebecca Jones, Valerie, Nicola Firth and Lizzie German). Thanks!

32! This is amazing! !!

Hi all... I've just sent an email to everyone who said they were interested in joining the ladies x-country team (and who sent me their details) about the race next Saturday. If anyone else is keen to join let me know :-)

Hi all,

Race 2 is coming up on November 11 at 11am (a warm up for the Beckenham 10K perhaps??). It's in Cheam (Nonsuch Park, Ewell Rd, Sutton SM3 8AB). If you're interested in joining for this one let me know and I'll email you the full race details.

Also if you can't run but are free to volunteer let me know. The organisers are looking for some help with marshalling etc.

Aine ;-)

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