I know it is early doors to be thinking about a training camp for next year, but following the successful Lanzarote camp in February, I want to guage interest in a similar camp next year at around the same time (thinking Sat Feb 24 to Sun March 4 which would give seven full training days). Club la Santa gets booked up very early so I will need to reserve apartments and swim lanes soon now. Thinking of three apartments/15 people again or four apartments/20 people max.

Let me know if you are interested.

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Ill transfer the money over this afternoon :-). Yes defo interested. 

You've been agreeing with yourself I hope!

haha!! So I said to myself why not :-) 

Frank Fonton said:

You've been agreeing with yourself I hope!
Probably up for it again, it was a great start to this season!

Im in!

I might be interested if I can afford it as it looked amazing last year. What is the approx price?

I'm defs keen too, been interested in going for a while, looks amazing & trip last year sounded great. One of my friends from school works there (Andy Gray) -  think he may even be the head coach now, not sure how sessions are arranged out there but sure he would be keen to do training with us. Also can't beat a bit of winter sunshine.

I'd like to do this too

Windrush on tour! yep count me in! 


Just to clarify this is a 'do it yourself' training camp but with the chance to train together in a group (with the possibility of some coached sessions).

If you are looking for more guidance, structured plan with a week of coached sessions (perfect for those new to triathlon or looking to take their skills to the next level) then there will be a Windrush tricamp in Mallorca in April.

Any questions just let us know!

Definitely up for going again... if only for the happy hour bar prices!
Really enjoyed it this year to get back into training

I am up for doing some training in the sun too! Count me in!

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