Lido tour to Lewes Sunday 15th October: Pells Pool (unheated)

Hi everyone,

I've spotted another lido that's still open (this weekend is the last of its season). The lovely Pells Pool in Lewes ( is a very sociable 84km ride with ~950m climbing (Route here:

Suggest meeting at Brockwell lido at 9am, a lunch stop in Lindfield at around 60km, arrive in Lewes around 2.30 for a swim then train back to London (subject to Southern we may need to ride another 15km to Brighton instead of getting a direct train from Lewes).

As always, this is a social ride at touring pace (i.e. the pace of the slowest). Given there's hills, I predict an average speed of 20-22km/hr but if you are slower than this please don't be put off. If you fancy a speedier/longer ride, by all means organise your own and meet us at Lewes lido. 

Make sure you bring the usual: whatever nutrition you need, spare inner tube, money for lido(£3), train(~£20) and food/drinks, swimming gear, bike lock, and warm clothes for post swim.

NOTE: The pool is unheated (water temperature today (WED) is 17 degrees) and there is only one hot shower which is outside .... and no sauna! Please bring appropriate swimwear and enough warm clothes for after the swim.

Please post below if you fancy joining!

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I would have loved to come along but unfortunately am stuck in Napflio in Greece where the water temperature in the Med is far warmer with all the attendant problems you get swimming in beautiful scenery in bright sun while admiring ancient castles....Lewes is a great ride though and if you detour back through Ditchling you can rendezvous with the selection of cakes in Dollies tea shoppe.
I'd be keen to join. Currently working through some Sunday morning logistics to seek if I can make the 9am start. I'll confirm ASAP.

Awesome Beckie, hope you can make it. Fingers crossed Margaret is coming along too.

Tony - that sounds truly awful, I'll make sure I find somewhere cold and murky for the next one to help you recover!

Erika, I will join if that's OK? I'm relatively new to this sort of distance but you have to start somewhere! Will bring all the requisite kit. See you outside the lido at 9am.

Hi, do you mind if I join as well. I think I should be able to keep up but I can get a train from the lunch spot if not...

Of course Rosie - great to have you along. See you at 9 at the lido

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