Hi All

I am in Wave D, starting at 06.48

Anyone else in similar?


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Hey Russ, I'll check my wave and get back to you. Would be good to ride with you, except that you will leave me for dead going up the hills!

I am doing the 46 - at a much more civilised time - on my brightly coloured Fixie. Definitely be up for post-ride beers ?

I'm in Wave A, starting at 07:16

I'm in wave C (blue) starting at 6am, so will need to leave home at 4:15am. Oh joy.

Ah, we are all at different times!

How long do you think it takes to cycle there from Nunhead, Charles?

I would allow 45 mins going at steady pace, via Greenwich and Blackwall tunnel (south bound tunnel is closed to traffic and you can cycle up it the wrong way)

Charles are you sure - my joiner pack states that the Blackwall isn't open this year. the Rotherhithe is closed to traffic and/or you can use the O2 cable car.

Ive just ride down over London bridge, swing a right at fenchurch street then take the A11 all the way.

The tunnel has always sounded fun but never wanted to risk it.

Ah, I haven't read my joiner pack yet clearly! I will use the Rotherhitjhe tunnel if that is going to be closed to traffic as I think it will be quicker doing a slightly longer route than going in the O2 cable car. (I did cycle through the Rotherhithe tunnel once drunk after amateur strip night at the White Swan when it WASN'T closed to traffic. Won't be doing that again).

and, more importantly, where are we all going to meet to debrief afterwards. I expect to finish and be out of the chute around 1pm.

I'll be finishing around 10:30am so not sure I will still be around at 1pm. We could meet up for a pint/dinner in Herne Hill later?

You can go via the greenwich foot tunnel also which is a good route!

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