A few of us are planning to do the London Winter 10km run on Sunday 4 February. Toby and Rob suggested we get a group of 10 together to form a team (20% discount and it's more fun that way).

Can you let us know if you're up for joining? It'd be great to book in the next week or so - places are filling up fast.

Here are the details:



*** UPDATE ***

People confirmed:

1. Nicola Kelly
2. Tobias Mittelstaedt
3. Rob Weinert-Apin
4. Fred Holt
5. Rhys Triffitt
6. Colin Merton
7. Andrew Young
8. Claire Stagg
9. Nick Rao
10. Shane Lawlor
11. Rebecca Jones
12. Sarah Rounding
13. Liz Curwen

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Thanks Fred and everyone else who's sent details. Just one more from Tobias, Rhys, Rebecca and Liz and we have our ten.

Rob, you should have my details now. 

Thanks everyone! Rhys, unfortunately Rebecca just pipped you to the post, so in the name of fairness, I'll include her registration with the group of 10. 

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It's sold out now! :(:( Super sorry team...the only way for people to enter is the official Cancer Research UK entry for £55 (there's no discount on this, but the whole amount goes to CRUK). Thoughts on this? £55 is getting on the steep side for my liking, so I may pass on this one.

If people are still keen, there's the Adidas City Run (10km, closed roads in Fulham) on the 18th March. It's a bit cheaper and they have a mates rates deal that gives everyone £5 off their entry if they refer each other (again groups of 5). I can't make this, but it would be a good alternative?

Ahhhh, such a shame after so much commitment!

I'm away for the 18th March but have had a look at other 10k's on same weekend as London Winter 10k and there's a few options that are much cheaper (all under £20) and entries still open. Not sure if they suit people location/time wise but i'd be keen for one of these, and even more keen if some of you are too!

Sun 4th Feb:

Greenwich Park (Winter 10k Series), starts @ 09:30


Regents Park (Mornington Chasers event), starts @ 09:00

Sat 3rd Feb:

QE Olympic Park (Winter 10k Series), starts @ 09:30

Any takers??

Regen's Park would be good!

Thanks for your efforts Rob!

I would be keen on the Regent’s Park option on the same weekend.

Oh no what a shame! Thanks for trying, Rob.

Happy to join another run on the Sunday.  Whichever proves popular 

I have signed up for the Regents Park, Mornington Chasers event. 

If any other Windrush are keen to join there are spaces available for the event online.

I’ll sign up too :) 

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