Summertime and the living is easy! Fish are jumping and the cotton is high....

As the Uk is simulating continental iM conditions (ie hot) I am going to do a nice long flat ride on my TT bike this Sunday to Windsor, two loops of the Windsor tri course and then back again. Should come to almost 200km, moving speed avarage circa 30kph. Join me at the lido 9am if you want to come along; you could just do Windsor and back, or plus one or plus two tri course loops according to your training needs.

Your daddy's rich and your momma's good lookin', so hush lil' baby, don't you cry!

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Thanks Charlie, Frank and Ian for your company this morning; Shepperton lake looked positively idyllic and I envied your swim session! The second Windsor tri loop was a bit of a struggle in the afternoon heat and I had to resist the temptation to keep stopping for ice cream! Garmin says total was 196km at average moving speed of 29kph, so mission accomplished
Well done for sticking with it. The return after adding an extra lap and keeping at that speed must have been a mental and physical battle. Definitely up for another combo cycle swim and Windsor Loop!
There is an interesting piece by Doc Hutch in the latest Cycling Weekly

"Suffering now might prevent suffering in the future. This is more commonly referred to as 'training'. I have, for the most part, abandoned this whole idea on the basis that I can always solve the 'suffering-in-the-future' problem when it arrives BY NOT GOING SO FAST".

Charles I've saved you a copy of the article.

I think Shepperton Lake was 24 degrees, a beautiful non wetsuit temperature!

Really enjoyed the day and would also be keen for another similar outing.

I was quite relieved to turn right and away from that second Loop, well done Charles for digging deep! 

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