Windies we have been approached by The Bleep UK who have offered to put us on our own Bleep Test.

I'm sure we all remember doing one at school (in the 80s in my case - I know, I don't look that old!) - where you do shuttle runs to and fro in a gym between kickboards to stay in time with an ever-quicker series of bleeps.

They can host us our own evening event at Dulwich College sports club for a cost of only £8 a head. there'd be a series of tests as there's only a few lanes meaning we can all cheer each other on

It's a great VO2 max test and can be repeated to measure progress if we enjoy it.

Show of hands? who'd be interested and then I'll go back to them and say yes/no and we can work out a weekday evening date.



How long does it take?


The bleep test duration will vary depending on level of fitness, generally the max level is level 15, and this will lake around 15.46 minutes to reach.


How many people can do it?


This depends on the location. A standard basketball gym would allow us to do 16 people at once, but double courts will allow us to test double the numbers.


How often should I do the bleep test?


This is a fitness test and bench-marking platform, it is not designed to get you fit, it's in place to measure fitness. As such, we recommend you do this no more than once per month. A monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly measure is a great way to assess where you are and monitor performance.

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Sounds (kinda) fun!

Never done one but I’d be keen to give it a go! 

Logical Bleep Test analysis

a) I have never done one before

b) I’d be keen to give it a go

c) I have done lots of these (a long time ago)

d) but I am sure I have to find time to do my hair 

I'm in!

Count me in. I think the last one I did was in 6th grade, which may have involved spewing up a meat pie.

Sounds good to me! Sign me up..

Yes please! Count me in

I am interested.

Hideous memories of this from school... and a sit up one...does anyone remember that?

But yeah, I'm in!

Also interested in this!

Hey, do we have any last takers, I'll get in touch with the Bleepers and get a couple of dates from them and then we can decide which one works best.

I'd be keen as well... haven't done it since I was 14. 

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