Online entry for the 2018 Crystal Palace Triathlon to open on Sunday 4 February

It's our club championship Sprint distance race and usually sells out mega-fast. Here's the full details on the Crystal Palace Triathlon on Sunday 13 May.


Online entry on Sunday 4 February:

To make it easier for those who need to make multiple entries, we will be staggering opening times on Sunday 4 February, but expect each category to fill up very quickly. A link to the online entry page will be added to our race page on Sunday and categories will open at the times below:

Ages as at 31 December 2018 (distances are given below)

    Opens at
Tristart (8 years) £15 16:00
Tristar 1 (9-10 years) £22 16:30
Tristar 2 (11-12 years) £22 17:00
Tristar 3 (13-14 years) £22 17:30
Youth (15-16 years) £33 18:00
Junior (17-19)* £33 18:30
Adults (17+) £49 19:00

*For those 17-19 wishing to participate in the London Series, or don't feel able to complete the full sprint distance.


Adult sprint - 17+ - 750m swim in 50m pool / 20k cycle (9 x 2.2k laps) / 5k run
TriStart - 8 years - 50m swim in 25m training pool / approx 800m cycle / approx 400m run
TriStar 1 - 9-10 years - 150m swim in 25m training pool / 4k cycle (2 x 2k laps)* / 1.2k run
TriStar 2 - 11-12 years - 200m swim in 50m pool / 6k cycle [3 x 2k laps)* / 1.6k run
TriStar 3 - 13-14 years - 300m swim in 50m pool / 8k cycle (4 x 2k laps) / 2.4k run
Youths - 15-16 years and Juniors - 17-19 years (London series) - 350m swim in 50m pool / 11k cycle (5 x 2.2k laps of full sprint course) / 2.5k run

*  The laps on the bike course are tough and involve climbing a short hill multiple times and descending at the other side of the park. Please ensure your child is confident and able to complete the course before entering them.

Estimated swim times
When completing the online entry form, you will be asked for an estimated swim time. It's important you are as accurate as possible as we set swimmers off according to their swim times.

For 750m, the fastest swimmers complete the distance in around 10 minutes, the average time is between 17-18 minutes and the slowest about 30 minutes. We don't mind how long you take but the race runs much more smoothly if everyone is swimming with others of a similar ability. You will be given an opportunity to update your estimated time nearer to race day.

Novice training sessions
This year we are offering a choice of two novice training sessions both on Sunday 22 April (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) for those (aged 17+) who are taking part in their first triathlon or just want to learn more. The training session will cost £45 and can be booked separately from your race entry following the link on the race website from 19:00 on 4 February.

We will be unable to respond to emails on 4 February but if you have any queries please email us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Good luck with your race entry and hopefully see you on Sunday 13 May.

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