Open Water Swim training session at Shepperton - 3rd September

Hi all. To get you ready for Sussex we are holding an open water swim coached session at Shepperton. It's open to all abilities. Any questions let us know.
Deborah and Sam

Date: Sunday 3rd September
Venue: Shepperton Swimming lake
Time: 8.15am
Session limit: 14 people
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: £15 plus £5 entry to the lake

What you will need:
Wetsuit (optional as long as the water is warm enough)
Windrush Swim hat for identification in the water (get one here here)
Warm clothing post swim
Money for tea and cakes (optional)

How to get there: Shepperton is accessible via car, bike or train
There will be a group cycling over together, you'll have to carry your own gear!

What the session will cover
Principles and practice drafting off one or groups of swimmers
What not to do
How to receive maximum benefit
How to swim in a straight line with no lane ropes and no water visibility
Spotting the buoys and sighting off 2 objects
Breathing and sighting, the options
How to not letting sighting slow you down or interfere with stroke rhythm
Points to watch if following the pack
Entry and exit:
Race start's from the beach and deep water
What to expect in the first 200m
How to exit the water
Wetsuit removal practice
How to efficiently turn around buoys
Race tips:
Effective putting on of wetsuit
Acclimatisation in water
What not to eat
Managing nerves
Water safety
Races in the sea and rivers

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Bumping this up! Don't forget to sign up so we know how many are coming!!

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