Hi all,

Following a flash of inspiration during my morning swim, I've spent the day procrastinating and signing up for open water swimming events for next year. 

Other than the Scilly Isles swim (brrr, plus £££) and the Great Wales swim (sold out), does anyone have any other ideas? And/or would you be up for freestyling and sorting out our own swim/sauna-type thing. I think Simon had some thoughts on this.

All ideas welcome!


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I'm potentially also up for it, once I know where I will be living/working next year!!

Would people be up for camping(/staying somewhere warm) the night before and exploring the lakes.. 


Rosie Lang said:

Would people be up for camping(/staying somewhere warm) the night before and exploring the lakes.. 

I’m inclined to sign up for the 3.8km distance too - a nice goal to train for.

If anybody is genuinely keen to do Windermere one way I did it a few years back and it's really is a good event. The guy who kayaked for me was a super star, I'm sure he'd be up for it again, particularly if you paid him a smidge more than the organizers pay. I know other people in the lakes who like messing about on the water too, happy to pass on details.

Hector - I'm really keen to do it but a little nervous. What is it like? 10miles would be a great distance. It actually opens for registration tomorrow. Would be great to hear more before then.


I did work pretty hard to be ready, and it was challenging, but very much doable. I did plenty of km the rec over winter, plenty more in the lido through spring so I was well used to swimming in the wet suit, plenty of laps of the lake at Shepperton, good for learning to stay straight, most of the Shepperton 3km series to get used to working harder, and a 10km in the Cotsworlds. I think I'd done 10km 3 or 4 times ahead of the event, and I felt that was plenty. I'd not swum for a few years before, started training over winter and was ready come the event in September. Rick my boat support was ace, he paddled a really straight line so all I needed to do was swim along maintaining my distance from his boat. As it's September the lake is pretty warm, doing it without a wetsuit would be fine. I had food and drink on Rick's boat, but didn't take much, probably made it through about a liter of hi-5 mix and 3 or 4 cereal bars. I had perfect weather, it can get pretty choppy if the wind picks up, so may be worth getting in some sea swims to practice in lumpy water, I didn't, but I already know I like swimming in waves. 

It's a stunning place to swim, go for it.


I'd love to do Windermere one way too. Hector, do you think you'd be able to find me another paddler? (if Simon takes Rick that is)

Erika, Simon

I can make introductions, but I cannot promise people are available, but if you are keen I can put you in contact with a couple of people. I met Rick as he was on the organizers list, we had never met prior to the day before the event, I was just super lucky to meet Rick as he's super strong, can do a straight line, and was interested in me doing well, it felt like a team effort. The organizers are local and have a network, I was super lucky to meet Rick, but I wouldn't worry about using one of their other paddlers, people who sign up like being on the water.


Thanks Hector

I'm going to give it a go. £300 is quite steep but suppose it costs what it costs. Also no guarantee I'll get a place this year.

I've done 6 10kms including 3 14kms so know I can do it. I'd wetsuit it though.

Erika - if we don't get in we could organise our own. More people might give it a go if we sorted our own no pressure trip. But let's see.

entered 3.5km Derwent Swim :) up for a camping adventure

Swimming in Brighton 

This race is part of the paddle around the pier festival in Brighton, which includes the paddle something unusual - creative makeshift rafts with poor flotation. :-)


1500m and 2500m options, first weekend in July typically, water temperature 15-16C.

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