I don't usually do this but we are really short of volunteers for this Saturday's Peckham (7 Oct) parkrun

Ok it's not helped by the fact that I'm writing this in Athens but you will still enjoy jogging round in Brexited autumn while I soak up culture here.

If anyone is interested in helping (and they are a very friendly crew) you could volunteer via the Peckham parkrun web page.


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Would love to help out but have a client meeting tomorrow morning unfortunately. Enjoy Athens and the last of the summer warmth in the Med (very autumnal here).

Not sure why that posted so many times. Am off to see Epidaurus' theatre near Nafplio- apparently been putting on shows for 2,500 years but looks to me like you'd have the opportunity to do some renovations and improvements?

Hoping to check interest in opportunities for newer drama i.e. none of yer old toga and sandal type stuff
Am sure you could knock up a bit of interesting detailing - just a bit vast and featureless - not all they are cracked up to be these UNESCO sites and really makes putting on a good show more of a challenge if you ask me


Give me an black box theatre like the lyttleton any day over vast historic ampitheatres...

Having a weekend off after iM Barcelona, but will be back to Park Run next Sat. Possibly cold water swimming, sauna and cake too.

You know the problem with these artistic types..."Lyttleton theatre...what's so special about that?"

At least it's got a roof I suppose

Nothing! That's the point Tony. It is about the play, not the playhouse.

NING was misbehaving this morning, I deleted the extra posts, logged a ticket and NING support confirmed it is due to a bug and they are working to resolve. So hopefully it won't happen again!

Tony said:

Not sure why that posted so many times. 
You don't know these Prima Donna play writerers ;-)

Apparently one of the marshalls send the runners the wrong way at Peckham parkrun this morning ... you just can't get the staff

Charles Barclay said:

Nothing! That's the point Tony. It is about the play, not the playhouse.

And the good news is the next commission is for a TV play set in Windsor castle - so the budget for set building should be generous enough :-)

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