Pilates and S&C in August (and rest of timetable sort of update)

Hi all, 

Pilates will not be on for the next few weeks of Aug, but instead there will be weekly S&C sessions on a Tuesday in the park (NB at this time of year S&C is very much about mobility and stability rather than too much strength work so should work well for those missing their pilates fix). Pilates will then be back from September onwards.

Last S&C in the park session is Tues 29th August. We're still looking into a winter indoors venue for S&C, will let you know more once its confirmed. (For anyone looking nervously at the sky, fact - it has never rained at a Tues eve S&C session, although I've obviously tempted fate now!). 

We'll move over to the winter timetable around mid Sept (exact dates depend on venues), more details to follow. 

Lido eve swim will continue through August, I'm still waiting to hear back from the Lido on plans for Sept but hope to continue at least one of the sessions up to Sussex club champs. 

Velo will continue fortnightly until Octoberish when it will move to weekly, again waiting for final confirmation. 

And we've not heard any more yet on the Lido refurb, will let you know if/when I do....

Lucy, head coach 

p.s. please do add your voice to the members survey, I'm writing the winter timetable at the moment and your feedback really does make a difference - http://clubhouse.windrushtri.co.uk/forum/topics/members-survey-plea...

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