Hi everyone.
The online kit shop with champ systems will be open for two weeks for people to order race kit (trisuits, cycle jerseys, tri tops, running vests etc.)
Details of how to do this...
Go to... http://eucustom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-GB/Default.aspx
If you've ordered something before use the “I am a returning customer” login with your existing details.

People that haven’t ordered before, use the following login details;

Login: windrush
Password: windrushkit

Once you have entered these details, you will then be asked to create your own personal login which you can use going forwards.

Any questions let me know (samb_101@yahoo.com). There is also a sizes chart on our kit tab at the top of the page.
Once all orders are in its 5 weeks turn around and everything will be delivered to me. I will email you on the email address that you used to order so look out for one from me then. You get a 5% discount so you don't pay for delivery.

Training kit (hoodies, black shirts vests long sleeved etc) can be ordered anytime using the kit tab at the top of the page.

Happy shopping.
Kit officer

P.s. Their site is a bit hard to navigate so let me know any difficulties re-sizes or questions and I can try help you find the answer (just not the night before the online order needs to go in!). Or ask others that have bought kit.

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Hi Sam.

Am I being blind or are there not any proofs for cycling jerseys?

Hi Ellie. They are apparently updating them. They should get proofs up this week, I'll chase them. But they will be pretty much the same as the one shown on our kit tab at the top.

Does anyone have a large tri suit (or tri shorts) I could try on for sizing? Classic tri suit if possible, but trying for sizing will be a start!

If you've got any questions about kit come along to​ the curry social (or track or spin!). Happy to help people order, I know their site is super complicated to work out, they have been told and they don't seem to want to change it!?
Rob, I've ordered some samples. Not sure what they'll send me but I'll keep you posted! Not sure who has a large, I know people have mediums and xlarge!?

Rob Weinert-Aplin said:

Does anyone have a large tri suit (or tri shorts) I could try on for sizing? Classic tri suit if possible, but trying for sizing will be a start!

Thanks Sam! 

Hi Sam - have you got any ladies tri shorts (new design) I can have a look at ... or do you know if anyone ordered them last time so I can ask them. I'll pop down before spin this eve as I have some other questions for you too!

Hi Erica. I think some of the boys got tri shorts!? I've got a trisuit. Not sure if that helps! Samples they send will only be for size. Design is on their site. Let's chat later though. S

Are there cycling tops with short sleeves, I can only see long and vests? Thanks!

Yes sorry Emily. They should show now. For some reason they came through for me to proof again! All done! Let me know if they don't.
If people have specific questions can you email me (samb_101@yahoo.com) and​I can forward them to champ systems to answer. Thanks

Is there a reason there is such a big difference in the price of the tri shorts? Apex link - £66 / Apex blade - £74.40 / Performance blade - £49

Do the blades have a side pocket or is it just stitching across the WindrushTri printing (and the yellow band around the thigh)? 

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