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Thanks Franscesco - I remember we talked about this! I've signed up - 8.30am start. Thanks once again!
Francesco, signed up for the 8:30 as well.
Love this ride, nice tough autumn grinder.

I've booked in.  8.30 slots are gone, I'm down for 8.40.  

I have signed up for 8:50!

I'm in. Also 8:50.

I'm going to be away so unfortunately will miss this excellent event this year.

Within reason there is some leeway over start time - the point is not to have a  peleton of over 50 riders setting off from Burbage road at the same time as it just provokes trouble with drivers.

If a dozen or so Windrush riders wanted to set off at around the same time, spaced out from other riders, then I don't think it would be a problem (but obviously that is not official)

It is an excellent ride though and also raises money for the Lavender Trust in memory of Ruth Picardie.

I have signed up also!

Great sportive with free beer and pasta at the end! 

Whats not to like....?!?!

Beer and Pasta for £20 and a ride attached cheaper than most of place just to eat in London

I've signed up for 8:50. It's a great little ride.

Agreed. I'm down for 08.40.

Hi, I have signed up for the 9.20 slot, no earlier were free, but still plenty for this time : )

Don't worry about the times, they are only a guide to stop the entire ride starting together.

I will be probably aim to start around 8:30

It starts and finishes at the Velodrome this year, so don't forget to checkout the Windrush jersey in the clubhouse afterwards.

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