Hi all

I am training for a middle distance triathlon at the end of August. Unfortunately, about a month ago I started to develop runner's knee. I took a couple of weeks off running, but it flamed up again after a very short run at the weekend.

Does anyone know any good ways to help recovery and then prevention?



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No experience with runners knee but this book is pretty good and has some diagnostic tests to work out where you are weak / imbalanced etc. "Anatomy for runners" by Jay Dicharry


I would venture to suggest Patrick that looking for "advice" on here from unqualified enthusiasts might not be the best option.

The club has a partnering agreement with Nic Roberts who runs Velophysio and is a fully qualified clinical physiotherapist (and used to be lead clinical physio at Six up town).

After a long process of deduction (and an MRI scan for which she referred me), my "runners knee" turned out to be a flap tear in the meniscus in the right knee.

The probable cause was running marathons, triathlons, playing football etc since 1979 so I had got my money's worth out of the offending cartilage

At least though if you have a professional diagnosis you can work out the most effective way of managing the issue...

The website where you can book an appointment is www.velophysio.co.uk

Alternatively you could try going to your doctor but be prepared to be told "I'd stop running if I was you"

If you see Nic tell her Tony is limiting the amount of running he is doing and of course working on all the flexibility and strengthening routines as promised every day(ish)
I am a GP with specialist interest in sports Med and work at Herne Hill Group Practice. Not sure if you are a patient of ours but can book to see me for assessment if so. Or even register temporarily if your local. Otherwise physio is best person to assess, privately & locally a very good running physio is Adam Barker at Crystal Palace Physio Group. He runs a specialist running service.
Happy to discuss over phone if you want to ring me for more immediate advice.... 07773012249
Ps we can sort this!! Don't worry!

Can only wholeheartedly agree with Tony and Anna.

I had problems (knees/shins etc) until I went for a gait analysis and had some custom orthotics made - as well as an education session on what shoes I can (and more importantly can't) wear when running. that was in 2004 and the orthotics are still going strong - although the £200 odd felt a lot at the time..

the (well-intentioned) people in running shops with a treadmill and slo-mo video camera often cause disastrous results

100% agree with everything said so far, see an expert rather than rely on people saying what worked for them.

That said, a lot of these sort of issues can be helped with a good strength and conditioning program, come along to our Tuesday sessions, Pilates tonight or the new club training plan we're launching tonight also includes weekly strength and conditioning sessions.
Lucy, head coach

Thanks, everyone. I figured that some water and the 'magic sponge' probably wasn't going to be enough.

I will go and see one of the physios mentioned (Anna - unfortunately I am one road outside of your Practice's catchment area!) and hopefully pop along for strength and conditioning!

Good luck Patrick

It is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment but people are right about the importance of working on your flexibility in particular

It is easy to think that just running is the main solution to running faster but your knee is the weak link as humans only relatively recently became bipedal.

What you will find is all physiotherapists will emphasise the importance of exercise which strengthens the supportive muscles and tissues around a joint. They are hard to do on your own that's why as a club we have Pilates and Strength/Conditioning sessions. These are actually just as important (arguably more important) than swim/bike/run sessions which to be honest you might find you could do on your own (obviously less fun of course)

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