I will be taking the train with swimrun stuff to Shepperton lake this Saturday. Let me know if you will be there swimming or want to take the train with me.

Given last week's revelation about the train to Walton on Thames taking only 18 mins (vs 44 to Shepperton!) I will be taking the 07:27 from Clapham Junction to Walton, and then cycling to the lake from there (5km).

Its actually a nice little run around the lake if you want to make it a multisport session (and you don't have to run in a wetsuit!).

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I'm considering cycling out to Maidenhead via Shepperton on Saturday as I'm going to a family thing there. Thinking about stopping to swim but not sure about needing a wetsuit, don't really want to carry it round wet all day. I guess you will be there about 8am Laura?

Hi Esther - the water is 23C or so, so you don't need a wetsuit at all. I will get there around 8.

Anyone else up for cycling there? I don't know the way so may be on the train too...
Hi! I was thinking about this but realised I am helping at a cycling event in Dulwich and it'll be tricky to squeeze this in too.

Good luck with the training and I'll join another time
No worries Hannah, Laura I will try and join you on the train.
Hey! Are you on the train? I'm in the second carriage. See you in the platform at Walton if so.

Esther Stoakes said:
No worries Hannah, Laura I will try and join you on the train.
Hi I got the 7.32, couldn't see you. Should be at Walton at 8? Seems to be a longer train. I can meet you at the lake.
I'm so sorry! I realised I wrote 27 above instead of 21! I'm in the fluoro suit running and swimming...say hi!

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