Hi all,

It's less than 11 weeks till I tackle Ironman Wales.
Even though I have done plenty of Lido and lake swims (even rivers) I've not much sea swimming experience, other than a quick splash after a London-2-Brighton cycle.

I'd like to do at least 2 sea-swimming practices before so I can prepare myself for the waves and swell.

Can anyone recommend good places to do this?
Is there somewhere that is coached or supervised for sea swimming? 

Ideally somewhere that is simple to get to from London for someone who doesn't have a car.
(i.e. doesn't require multiple trains, buses and a donkey trek to get to).

Thanks in advance.



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These have been done by club members training for Ironman races that involved sea swims


You probably don't want to know they cycled down from London to take part. ( yep it's 109 miles there and a similar distance back )

Seriously from experience do not let the first time you swim seriously in the sea be a triathlon race...it can be somewhat challenging

Ben let me know when you're going, chances are I'll be busy/ injured, but if I'm around I'd love to join

Would definitely recommend the salty sea dog swims in Bournemouth - I did two of them the year I did Kalmar. It's 2 hours on the train from London and pretty cheap if you book the train in advance. Having said that I think there's one this Saturday which Neil and Caroline might be doing. And as Tony says its a lovely Iron distance ride back through the new forest (we only cycled the way back!)

Anyone fancy travelling down this Sat and cycling back?

Ben I think there's also a pier to pier swim same day as my friend said he's doing the tri then the pier to pier later that afternoon. So good training!!
Ok ignore my message! See that link is for the long swim!! But think there is also a sprint tri going on as well.

Thanks for the info folks.

I'll probably do both this Saturday and also the August one.

I'm tempted to get the 6:30am train from Waterloo getting into Bournemouth for 8:43.
Then cycling back to London afterwards.

Matt, Lucy, are you thinking the same?

I'm away for this weekend but very up for that plan for the next one (plus cheeky little run at the end?....)

Sounds good - Do you have a satnav/garmin?

Bloody hell it's going to be an early start...I'll cycle from Herne Hill to Waterloo at 6am.

What sort of pace will you be cycling?

I'm up for the August one, cycling back right after the swim
I am game for this! Not done a sea swim either and up for cycle back. Although I may cycle the 82 miles to Woking rather than the full 120 to London but can see how we get on. Is there a secure place to leave bikes at the swim centre?
We. We'd to sign up for swim by Thursday if we're doing it.

It's just the seafront at Boscombe where you would lock your bikes, but if you lock them all to each other and the railings I think it is unlikely they'll be nicked. You will have to ride back with all the locks though! Or if you can persuade a non-swimming cyclist to join you then they can keep an eye on them all ....

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