Second hand (triathlon related) books in search of a new home

Well (sigh) apparently I have too many books on a certain theme and it has suggested to me that they need to be thinned to make way for other types of books hmmmm

So I was winding whether anybody would be interested in these books and I will bring them along to a session sometime.

Am not looking for any cash but if you want to make a contribution to a good cause that would be fine

Books are

Marathon from start to finish by Sam Murphy

Master the Art of swimming by Steven Shaw

Yoga by the Body Shop

Danny Blanchflower biography (don't ask)

Triathlon from start to finish by Sam Murphy

Bradley Wiggins In Pursuit of Glory

Bradley Wiggins My Time

Road Bike Maintenance Guy Andrews

How I won the yellow jumper Ned Boulting ( quite funny actually)

Cycle for Life by Nicole Cook

Voice off stage..."what about the rest of them?"

Me..."I need the other 200"

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In interested in a couple
Cool i'll bring them all to Wednesday's spin session (assuming it is on?)

A book called Bike Porn has been identified as surplus to my requirements as well now ....

I'd be interested in the Master the Art of swimming, triathlon from start to finish and the yoga book, providing Harry doesn't want them first.

Ive got a book looking for a home by Chrissie Wellington - A life without limits

Have also had a book about Jacques Anquetil added to the surplus pile after it was "found out" that as well as winning the TdF multiple times Maitre Jacques also persuaded the team's doctor's wife to leave the doc.

Then when it emerged this woman could not give Jacques a child, he persuadejd her that he should have a child with her 18 year old daughter and that they should then live in a "ménage a trois" en famille

He was a good cyclist though but apparently that is not going to save his story from the chop.

What are you going to use the space for now Tony? I am really curious 

Well yes, predictably the writer who suggested there were too many triathlon type books on the shelves has, perhaps predictably, now suggested there is space for contemporary drama.

I suspect this may have something to do with commission on sales ... but still had to turn down an offer of scripts for "innovative" Radio 3 drama ... on the advice of a neurologist who warned of the risk of exacerbating the brain injury were an attempt made to read that type of thing.

Why you haven't sold Triathlon as contemporary drama? You know, cold, pain, tears, joy and electronic gadgets! 

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