I think I'm going to head over there on my bike leaving around 7:30 from West Norwood aiming to get there for a 9:00 swim.

anyone else going / want to join forces?


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Hey Lloyd - we were thinking the same thing about doing Shepperton on Saturday morning as we have to work on open water technique before a race on Monday

We weren't proposing to ride as the tandem and west London traffic tends not to work too well

So how about we meet up at the Lido at say 7.30 on Saturday to drive over? We can take two passengers if anyone else is interested in a visit to Shepperton beach?

No cakes (obviously)

Tony hi. thanks for letting me know.

I'm definitely cycling over there as I need my bike afterwards.

see you lakeside at 9:00 sharp!

Ok see you lakeside about 9 Lloyd - enjoy the ride over

Anyone else interested in some open water practise, in what has to be said is a very pleasant lake then we will be at the Lido car park next Saturday for a 7.45 prompt departure - with room for two more passengers.

Or you could ride over with Lloyd ;-)

Hi guys, I would like to take part, is there somewhere to lock the bikes at the lake? How does that work?


There is kind of a rack there - and I've never heard of anyone losing a bike

You need to bring your own lock though

Cheers Tony.

I reckon I'll be up for this Lloyd, will confirm asap


Hi All, I am new to the club and to proper triathlons training. I am yet to do a lake swim but am very keen to get involved. Is it just a free swim session, or will there be people there to talk through a total newbie?

Well James I'm not going to be on official coaching duty but am a fully qualified BTF L2 tri coach currently on the L3 course and who used to be head coach here - so I can give you some general pointers and I'm sure you will pick it up quickly enough

Shepperton really is a great place to start

But the main aim of my being there is trying to work out how to guide someone round a tri swim course on Monday without a mishap caused by my tendency to not look enough and my partner being unable to see....we are trying out a new tethering system so don't get between us ;-)
James there is an induction process at Shepperton - I've not been before so will have to do it.

Do it! OW swimming is the best.

Tony - if you still have room I would like a lift. I haven't been to Shepperton Lake before but am a regular at Leybourne Lakes. Do I have to book an induction before I am allowed to swim?

It's pretty safe to just leave your bike racked there. If you're anxious, bring a small D lock.

When you sign in at the desk, let them know it's your first time and they'll talk you through how it works. No need to book. Just turn up and enjoy it! Just make sure you leave time for a cup of tea at the end!

Ok I will PM you my phone number - we will be leaving the Lido car park at 7.45

We will be easy to spot as we will be in my Mid-Life-Crisis-mobile

The assessment you have to do was pretty straight forward when I did it, just involving swimming about 30m to the first buoy and back

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