For anyone training for a longer swim event or who fancies a bit of OWS, a few of us are heading out to Shepperton Lake on Saturday morning - 

The lake is open until 11 so for those who want a longer swim, we are aiming to meet there at 8:30ish. I will be getting the train with my bike to conserve energy (it's a short cycle from Shepperton Station) - aiming for the 7:16 from Vauxhall which arrives at 8:03 (there are trains every half hour, calling at Waterloo and Clapham Junction too).

Some people may be cycling so post below if this is you and a cycle posse can be formed!

NB - it's cash only!

See you on Saturday - weather looking good!

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Planning on cycling there this weekend. Not yet decided whether to go on Saturday or Sunday but could be swayed :-)

I will be cycling down and training back - just to be different. Leaving at 7am from Herne Hill/Lido depending on who is coming so aiming to get there for 8:30am. 

I am planning on leaving Hammersmith area at 7am and going through Richmond Park. Looking forward to the OWS.

I'll join you on the 7.16 train at vauxhall

I'm up for cycling from the Lido and cycling back to Brixton after a swim- is anyone doing that?  

Hi Simon, 

I am cycling from lido - meet there at 7? 

I've decided to cycle there on Sunday in the end and turn it into a long swim to bike brick session. Have fun guys!

I may join you too... if so, because I won't be swimming for as long as you super swimmers, I'll look to cycle over later from Brixton - probably around 8am and cycling back to Brixton after.

My friend Adam may come too.

Hi guys I will join us well ,I am up for cycle from lido , 7 am ?

Excellent - Milen, Simon and I will leave the lido at 7, see the rest of you there.

Thanks Emily. 7 is pretty early these days so count me out. I may well catch you down there though...
Hey guys, I know I said I'd come but now have made last minute plans to meet a mate in Brighton tomorrow (today) so not gonna make Shepperton. Have a brilliant time! Xx

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